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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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Iraqi update

Hammorabi still seems to think that Zarqawi has been captured, despite the fact that US military spokesmen deny it. Until there is some sort of official confirmation, I think it's safe to say this is just another rumor.

He also talks about all the attacks going on, and as usual he sees conspiracy in the assassination of the governor of Baghdad.
One of the main attacks is the assassination of the governor of Baghdad Ali Al-Haidari (Shiite Muslim) today. Al-Haidari has been targeted and escaped one assassination before in Sep 2004. He was killed early morning while in his way from home to work. Since the last attempt and the soaring of the threats of attacks Al-Haidari and many other officials changed routes and used many security tactics to avoid assassinations, therefore, and again his assassination strongly pointed out to the existence of many spy agents for the terrorists groups inside the Iraqi Police and forces.
It is highly likely that the Interior Minister is a big agent for these terrorist himself. He probably keeps blind eye or even working with these agents.
It's certain that attacks have increased and probably will at least up until the election. Today over ten people died and fifty were injured by a truck bomb, and Hammorabi states that three British and "several" US soldiers were killed

Naturally this has spurred increasing calls for delaying the elections. In my opinion, no matter how flawed the elections are, they need to go forward on schedule. To do otherwise will simply encourage the terrorists to commit even more acts of violence. The Shiites won't stand for a delay, and all the Sunnis do by calling for one is to marginalize themselves by at least appearing to side with the terrorists.

The Sunnis' problems are easily solved. Cooperate with the government. Turn in the terrorists, and work toward peace and security throughout the region. They must face the inevitable, or they will have less of a voice than they should have. The "international community", led by Kofi Annan, will scream about an "illegitimate" election, but Bush has proven that he could care less what the international community thinks when he believes they are wrong.

For the Sunnis it's "fish or cut bait" time.