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Monday, January 03, 2005

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I wasn't kidding....

....about the UN and the rape of African children.
The news last month that the United Nations has uncovered 150 allegations of sexual abuse committed by its peacekeepers stationed in Congo against an already traumatized population of mostly teenage girls was a sad reminder of what young women are up against in Africa.

The allegations leveled against United Nations personnel in Congo include sex with under-age partners and rape. Investigators said they found evidence that United Nations peacekeepers paid $1 to $3 for sex or bartered sexual relations for food or promises of employment.
Kofi Annan's response to this outrageous behavior?
The United Nations says home countries are responsible for punishing any of their military personnel who violate the U.N. code of conduct. That's a prescription for inaction, because, regrettably, too many leaders, and not just in Africa, see no problem with picking up young girls on the side of the road at night.
Inaction is action.

In a saner world, Annan would be on trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity.