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Monday, January 03, 2005

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The UN is pathetic

When I first read about the UN's attempts to put a blue helmet on SE Asian aid workers (primarily US and Aussie forces) I reacted with my usual disgust.

Now Wretchard discusses the reasoning behind their attempts to put a blue helmet on everyone. Note that their desire to actually help people is subservient to their need to be in control. That says all you need to know about the most corrupt and useless organization in the world.

Their real angst is probably because they need to control the money. After all, they can't be the Toyota Taliban without controlling the massive funds pouring in to SE Asia. And why should they help starving brown-skinned people when there's mansions to be built, fiefdoms to establish and wine, cheese and caviar to be eaten?

Frankly, if relief money goes through the UN, I think there should be worldwide protests. I sure hope Bush stands firm and doesn't allow any US aid to go through those robber barons. At least I know my money will go directly to aid, because I sent it to World Vision, an organization I can trust to actually help people.