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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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The UN. What is it good for?

I used to think that the UN played a useful role in humanitarian aid. (I've been opposed to its world police functions for a long time.) The tsunami has provided conclusive evidence that the UN isn't even a worthwhile organization when it comes to humanitarian aid. Furthermore, their primary focus is on enlarging their own power and influence, rather than helping the world or even needy people.

It was a grand idea at one time. Now it's not only a waste of money but a hindrance to world progress. The US should kick the UN out of New York and leave the organization. Let the useless, self-aggrandizing, pompous asses of the world (like Jacques Chirac) wallow in their stolen wealth somewhere else. President Bush has proven that like-minded nations can coalesce around a mission in very short order - deliver aid within days - take on tyrants when needed - establish democracies in places that have never known freedom - all without the UN - in fact with the UN actively working against them (which merely proves how powerless an organization it is to begin with.)

Get US out of the UN NOW!!