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Sunday, September 12, 2004

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Where to begin......

My girls are coming over and we're going to celebrate my birthday, so I won't be blogging much today. Not to worry. There is plenty to keep you busy today, if you so desire.

Hugh Hewitt lays out the case for forgery and the flaccid response from old media.

Powerline piles on with Hurricane Dan: Get serious and The End of the Network News Era although I would assert it's not just network news.

The Belmont Club lays it on thick with The Shot Heard Round The World, Escaping the Kill Zone and his latest, Modern Times.

Tom Maguire reveals that Newsweek may have found the source for the forged documents (via Ace of Spades.)

Instapundit points out the rest.

If you haven't yet read my The Cathedal, the Bazaar and Blogs, take the time to read it. It explains what's going on.