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Thursday, September 09, 2004

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Answering Wolveneve

Reader "Wolveneve" wrote the following in the comments section
So, prithee, what do you think we will get if we keep Bush in the White House for four more years? Goodness sakes - if he knows he has NOTHING TO LOSE [ unless he changes the consitituion and makes it possible for him to be president for more than two terms ] what kind of mayhem will occur? Do you really want an potatoe-headed nicompoop deep from the heart of texas who has his head of Saudi and Israel's ass in office without restraint? This idiot who has made American the laughing stock of the world? This person who has single-handedly made us into a cowboyhat-wearing gun-slinging "i can do anything I want just watch me" nation? Are you insane? ANYTHING.. and I mean ANYTHING but Bush. Get over it, and grow a brain. Please? Say whatever you want about Kerry.. thats fine. But don't vote for Bush. Shoot yourself first. Have some compassion for the rest of us with some sense.
Rather than answer in the comments section, which would be rather unwieldy, I'll answer here.

1) I doubt seriously Bush could get the Constitution amended. That would take the agreement of two thirds of either Congress and or the fifty states to propose one and then three fourths of the state legislatures to pass it. That's not going to happen. Not even for Ahhhnold.

2) For a "potatoe-headed nincompoop", Bush seems to have done pretty well. (You know, leader of the free world, Commander in Chief of the worlds greatest military and all that sort of crap.) I'm not sure, but I don't think Harvard has granted many MBAs to nincompoops, but I 'spose it might be worth re-surchin.

3) For the sake of argument, let's assume Bush has made America "the laughing stock of the world". So what? I really don't care what the rest of the world thinks of America so long as we defeat terrorism. We can deal with our public image after terrorism has been taken care of. Lord knows we've got an overstock of PR people these days anyway. It would give them all sumthin tuh do.

In any case, the way I figure it, Europe and the Pacific Rim still owes us for saving their butts in WWII. If they want to be ungrateful about it, that's their problem, not ours.

This election is basically a "heads you win, tails you lose" election. Better call it right or it won't matter what other nations think of us.

Besides, if you can't pick yer nose in public, you got what them psychologists call a "self-image" problem anyway. ;-)

4) Just a little side note. I'm a Texan. We don't take to kindly to city folk insultin' us or our country. :)