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Friday, September 10, 2004

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Rather insists the story is true

Per Drudge. Rush Limbaugh ran the audio on his show a few minutes ago. This is incredible to me. Barnes' daughter claims the story he tells is a lie. Court testimony of his aide confirms it's a lie. Killian's widow says he didn't type. One of the documents has a date later than the date when Staudt retired. Experts have concluded the documents are forgeries.

But Rather stands by his story! Just incredible!

UPDATE: Absolute proof that the documents are forgeries and a $10,000 award to anyone who can produce a typewriter that can exactly duplicate the type and spacing of the documents. Hat tip to Bandit's Hideout.

UPDATE: The final nail in the documents' coffin. They are absolutely forgeries.

UPDATE: Is there such a thing as a final, final nail?

This is getting silly now. Rather should just give it up and admit that they based their entire story on forged documents and a proven liar.