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Monday, September 06, 2004

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This is far from over

Someone posting as "NavyChief" who claims to have served with Kerry for four years during the POW/MIA committee days has been analyzing radio traffic during Kerry's time with the Swift boats. You can learn a lot from radio traffic, because that is how the Navy "talks" about what is going on worldwide.

Today NavyChief posted an analysis of a mission on 18 Feb 69. No one in the media has even discussed this mission, but it's important to understand how Kerry manipulated reports to portray himself as hero. In the report for this day, he appropriated to himself action that actually happened to LTJG Hildreth. What is particularly appalling is that he hid injury reports for men on Hildreth's boat in order to make his version of the events of that day plausible.

NavyChief is working on more analyses of Kerry's short tour, and I'm certain when he's done his contribution will be invaluable.

UPDATE: The Washington Times asks why Kerry won't release his records. My readers know why. Too much damning material in there.