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Friday, July 23, 2004

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"The land of spies"

Mohammed (of Iraq the Model) blogged a report called "The Land of Spies" in which he discusses one of the remaining holdout areas of Bahgdad. He talks about the mentality of the Baathists and terrorists that are still fighting and how they should be dealt with:
These people who are still fighting think in the same way. They carry Saddam mentality ; they and only they are right while everyone else are wrong and there's no other solution for this problem in their minds other than exterminating them. There's no place for a dialog in their dictionary and with these you can put the extremist Islamists like Bin laden, Zargawi and even their 'child's play' Sadr. I want to say that I think there's no use of negotiating with these people who process the absolute truth and are willing to kill everyone who oppose them even if by words. Firm dealing with their ill mentality that's polluted by illusions from the remote past is what we need and what we should not hesitate to apply.
What struck me about this is that he thinks precisely the same way as the 9/11 commission does. You do not negotiate with terrorists. You eliminate them.

Mohammed closes his story with this compelling thought:
Everyday passes make me surer than before that Iraqis have made up their minds and that there will be no turning back.
Refreshing, isn't it?