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Thursday, July 22, 2004

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Followup on Iraqi nukes

Al Sabaah has published a follow up article that addresses the "nuke" story they published yesterday.
Baghdad, as-Sabah, July22 , P1
An official source at the Interior Ministry and the National Security Counselor has refrained to give any comment concerning news of seizing three nuclear missiles during arresting Khuder ad-Douri, the former leader at the dissolved al-Ba'th party.Iraqi political sources in condition of anonymity have confirmed that arresting ad-Douri which implemented by Iraqi security services have seized also three missiles.The same sources informed as-Sabah that Khuder ad-Douri who occupied great security and party positions, his death was declared following Saddam's regime fall and a certain side had issued him a false death testimony was arrested in the district between al-Oaja and Dour.The Security reporters clarified that a heavy concrete plate had designed in away capable to mislead the up-dated scientific radar apparatuses specialized to discover radiation released by such nuclear heads.
This is confirmation of the seizure of three missiles, but not yet that they are nuclear.