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Monday, September 13, 2004

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Bush's "AWOL" Time Explained?

Tom Maguire linked to a story at Fly Under The Bridge that appears to explain Bush's "missing" drill time. It's an interesting theory. I don't purport to understand all the Guard rules. I was regular Navy so I didn't have to worry about showing up somewhere. I had to worry about not showing up!

I guess some people think all this pursuit of Bush's records is a waste of time. Personally I think it's just as fair as examining Kerry's record. The difference seems to be, every time you turn over another National Guard rock Bush looks better. Every time you turn over another Swift boat rock Kerry looks worse.

We now have discovered that Bush tried really hard to fly missions in Vietnam, but he wasn't qualified soon enough to get sent over there. My goodness, what else will we find out if we keep looking? So far we've discovered that Bush got no special treatment to get in the Guard, he was thought of as "brash" and "eager", "an excellent pilot" and "a good officer". He was the only Guard pilot to train with the Air Force, which he was a member of four 120 days of training. (So much for the Democrats latest charge.) He put in many more hours than the required minimums, everyone who served directly with him speaks highly of him. He fulfilled all the requirements of his service and was honorably discharged.

Now we have a plausible explanation for the "missing" months of duty in Alabama. This has to be driving the old media nuts. I can't help but think that ole "misunderestimated" has known all along what was under those rocks and kept them to himself for just such an occasion as this.

And people say he's dumb!