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Saturday, March 05, 2005

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Sex, lies and the UN

As the UN sex scandal continues to unfold the despicable details continue to indict the UN in every more disgusting ways.
Although U.N. peacekeepers were dispatched to the Congo to keep order and improve the lives of Congolese, some leave behind disease and heartbreak.

Juliette, a Congolese woman who had a relationship with a peacekeeper (search), is the mother of one of an estimated hundreds of mixed-race children abandoned by U.N. workers at the end of their 6-month tours of duty, despite an official policy of no contact between U.N. peacekeepers and local women.

"There is no help from the U.N.," Juliette said. "They just make women pregnant and leave. They never take care of their kids."

The single mothers, however, are more fortunate than 17-year-old Bijou, who said she contracted the AIDS virus from a peacekeeper — and has since passed it on to her husband and child.
When will the world unite in condemnation of such behavior? When will the rights of the common man be as important to us as the privileged and the elite? When will the UN clean its house?