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Saturday, March 05, 2005

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Shiite coalition showing cracks?

Ali reports that two parties in the Shiite coalition have left the coalition and are actively courting other groups (both Kurds and Allawi).
Yesterday two She'at parties withdrew from the "Unified Coalition List" after stating that "the major powers in the Coalition List are only after positions in the government and not people's interests and that they have marginalized the role of the smaller parties inside the list". The two parties, "Hizbullah in Iraq" and "National Coalition" (which is an Arab nationalist She'at party) hold together about 10 seats of the Coalition List seats in the National Assembly(I'm not sure of the exact number of seats as I found no accurate reference but I know it's very close to 10 if it's not that). Spokesman of the Coalition List called the action "unjustified" and called on the two parties to reconsider.
From Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper (Arabic link)

While such loss may not seriously affect the Coalition List's ambitions, it'll certainly harm it especially if these two parties allied with Allawi or the Kurdish Alliance which remains possible since their spokesmen said that their parties will remain "open to cooperation with other political parties"
However, I see that the decision of these two parties will have a long term effect that's more significant than the immediate one.
According to Ali, some of his Shiite friends see this as a positive change, because they were concerned about too much religious influence in the government.

It's really fascinating how men can adopt the wrangling of politics almost immediately after being freed from tyranny. Perhaps it's built in to the human psyche?