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Thursday, March 03, 2005

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The country needs you

Please copy this letter (if you're an American citizen) and mail it to your Senators and Representative. Blogging should not be considered an in-kind contribution to a political campaign. This is important. Please do it now.

UPDATE: One of my readers is blogging about this and points out that, even if it passes, there will be ways around any restrictions. While I agree with Don, I think the mere fact that our government officials could consider such a move displays a breathtaking lack of understanding of the First Amendment and a disregard for the constitutional safeguards that exist in our Bill of Rights.

An idea like this should never have been proposed, much less see the light of day in open discussions.

UPDATE2: Captain Ed reveals the hypocrisy of the proponents of McCain-Feingold, who seek to obscure the fact that the wording of the law and the ruling of a judge clearly leaves the door open for the FEC to do exactly what Captain Ed has claimed they could do.

UPDATE3: Michael Totten wants to "sink" McCain-Feingold. Michelle Malkin is trying to measure the impact of the issue.

UPDATE4: Powerline weighs in on the controversy.