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Monday, February 21, 2005

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Under the heading of bait and switch

The Dallas Morning News printed, on the front page, above the fold, a story headlined, "Swift Vets' advisers set sights on AARP". It caught my eye immediately. I wondered, why would the Swiftvets be taking on the AARP?

They're not. A conservative lobbying group has hired "some of the same consultants" that advised the Swiftvets to plan ads attacking the AARP for its opposition to the President's plan for Social Security. (I wasn't aware the President had a plan — other than we need to do something or social security will go broke — were you?)

They may know how to write headlines that sell, but all the editors do with headlines like this is piss me off and make me less likely to jump at the next "sexy" lead-in.

I don't buy cars from people who deceive me either.