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Monday, February 21, 2005

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Positive news from Hammorabi

Readers of his blog know that Hammorabi has been highly critical of the interim Iraqi government and has chafed at the bit wanting more aggressive work to be done at rooting out terrorists. So his new post praising the efforts of the Iraqi and multi-national forces seems to be an indication that things are going quite well.
The success of the Iraqi forces to keep the security during the tenth of Moharam in Najaf and Karbala was an excellent achievement. It proved that the Iraqi forces are capable of keeping the security even during the difficult time. The security plan in the holy cities was fully Iraqi based without help from the multi-national forces. More than 2 million visitors for the holy shrines came during the tenth day of Moharam. Many terrorists have been arrested before they were able to carry out attacks. Explosives and weapons were confiscated.

In Kadhimiyah in Baghdad Iraqi volunteers arrested 5 terrorists bobby-trapped with explosive belts and handed them to the police. Two of them were women. One of these women cockroaches pretends that she is pregnant. Just before she went into the shrine to blow up her self and kills the visitors, the volunteers suspected some thing wrong and arrested her. The dirty was pregnant with explosives and not a baby! The other woman was old and when arrested she said they gave her the belt and she don't know what inside it. They asked her to wear it and pray for them inside the holy shrine!

In Ramadi at least 97 suspected terrorists were arrested by the US and Iraqi forces. Many others were arrested in Mosel. One Egyptian confessed that he was making explosives for the terrorists.
There's more in his post, and you should read it if you have doubts about the direction in which Iraq is headed, but I can tell you that the denouement of the terrorists in Iraq is not far off.

Even Hillary Clinton realizes that now.