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Sunday, February 20, 2005

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How can reporters live with themselves....

....when they write stuff like this story highlighted by Beldar.
MONTGOMERY County District Attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr.'s father helped to arrange Bill Cosby's purchase of the mansion where Cosby was accused of drugging and groping a woman, but Castor did not reveal the relationship to the alleged victim or her attorneys.

"Mr. Castor did not disclose that to us or our client," said Dolores Troiani, who, with her partner, Bebe Kivitz, represents the alleged victim....
Just because an attorney says something doesn't mean the press is compelled to print the allegation, giving credence to the story.

Beldar goes on to explain that Castor's father represented the seller in a real estate transaction 23 years ago in which Bill Cosby was the buyer! Now there's a conflict of interest if there ever was one, right?

How can a newspaper justify printing this crap? Because the truth doesn't matter. Controversy sells papers, and this sounds controversial until you read the facts (which, of course, are buried in the story.) Cosby should sue, and readers should cancel their subscriptions.

That many will not says a lot about the cause of the present state of the media.