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Sunday, January 09, 2005

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There are pessimists....

....and there are optimists. Firas Georges is an optimist with a wicked sense of humor.
And we still face electric power problem, as a matter of fact we spent eight continues days with no power, and I had to get a 2KVA generator to overcome the situation, looking at the bright side, we didn't have to turn off the lights at 12.00 midnight at the 31st Dec, the power was off at then.
As Firas details, things are pretty bad in Baghdad right now, but the rest of the country isn't doing too bad. He also thinks the Iraqi forces are getting better.
Our streets is a real war zone these days and bombing and terror actions every where and I am talking about Baghdad. My resource in south and north telling me it's much, much better there. But I can assure you and by an expert eye (an eye of someone who spent many years in middle of fighting, victories and defeats) that the Iraqi army, police and other security organizations here; are getting better every day and they are heading to victory, I even suspect that Zarqawi has been caught.
The last statement is interesting. He doesn't provide any basis for it, but as I've mentioned before. Even though US spokesmen have stated that Zarqawi has not been captured, Hammorabi still believes he has been. Now Firas says it as well. It seems to be a pretty persistent rumor.

Despite everything that's going on, though, Firas still believes in the future.
Now with all these facts that I have, what am I going to do?.........I'm not sure yet; but I'm intending to do all I can to make things better here for me, my family; for Iraq and Iraqis, I still got the energy to do so and I'm going to use it for better life.
You have to admire someone who can find light in the midst of darkness.