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Saturday, January 08, 2005

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It keeps getting worse

Via lgf comes an article in the New York Post revealing that the Oil For Food scandal (UNSCAM) is even worse than was previously thought.
Iraqi officials have recently implicated more U.N. staffers in bribe taking during the oil-for-food program in a development that could dramatically escalate pressure on the world body, The Post has learned.

Investigators from the House International Relations Committee said several current and former officials in Iraq's Oil, Health and Transportation ministries have told them that U.N. staffers assigned to the "661 Committee" -- the U.N. Security Council group that oversaw sanctions and approved oil-for-food contracts -- regularly took bribes and kickbacks from suppliers of aid to Iraq during the program.

The Iraqi ministry officials said the U.N. staffers, based in New York, were paid to accelerate approval of oil-for-food contracts or provide secret information on why certain suspicious contracts with Saddam Hussein's regime were blocked by the 661 Committee, investigators said.
You have to wonder how much worse it has to get before the NY Times et. al. decide to cut the UN and Kofi Annan loose.

UPDATE: Good Lord!. (Hat tip to Captain Ed.)