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Thursday, January 20, 2005

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Remember the Bradley fighting vehicle....

....that was blown up, killing seven? Well, read this story, and you'll know who they were. Six of the men were from a small town in Louisiana, fished together, drilled together and did all the other things that small town people do.
Before they shipped out in October, Christopher Babin, Bradley Bergeron, Kurt Comeaux, Huey Fassbender, Armand Frickey, and Warren Murphy lived less than two hours from one another.

Raised beneath the lacy Spanish moss that hangs from the area's cypress trees, some fought it out on the high school football fields, others were bass-fishing buddies. And all trained together one weekend a month as part of the Houma-based Charlie Company, known as the "Black Sheep."

When they weren't training, these "weekend warriors" were driving trucks, working on tugboats, fixing air conditioners, and waiting tables around Houma, a town big enough for two Wal-Marts, but no Starbucks. The National Guard Armory, set in the middle of Houma's baseball fields, was used for everything from basketball practice to the town dance.
The town mourns their loss, but they are proud of the sacrifice these men made for the cause of freedom.

You could tell stories like this all over America, but the national press never does. Why do you think that is?