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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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Truth versus News

Iraq the Model has been working on a democracy project in coordination with Spirit of America. This is exciting and historical. He closed his post with something everyone should heed.
We were planning to stay in Jordan for only 4 days but with the airport being closed, we had to stay there for a longer time.
Being out of the events' field for a week and having the media as the only source of information made me understand more why many people have a blurred vision about the situation in Iraq, I mean watching Al- Jazeera and the CNN for a relatively long time made Iraq - at certain moments - look like "hell on earth". Fortunately I lived my whole life in Iraq and when it comes to events taking place over there I can distinguish between the truth and the lies to a certain degree but my concern is about people who have never been there because the media twist facts and exaggerate things in an unbelievable manner.
As a matter of fact, from the news I got from the media I expected to find Baghdad in a terrible condition when I return; no gasoline, no electricity, fighting at every corner and dead bodies everywhere but of course I didn't find it this way when I returned. Actually I haven't seen any significant difference except for losing some hours of electricity!
The news media is not the friend nor the ally of freedom. They are not interested in the truth - only in telling their version of what is going on.

As you can see, it's wildly off the mark.