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Friday, November 19, 2004

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This is a joke, right?

Bill Clinton lashed out at Ken Starr in an interview with Peter Jennings. This part, I have to be honest, made me laugh out loud.
"No other president ever had to endure someone like Ken Starr," Clinton said. "No one ever had to try to save people from ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, and people in Haiti from a military dictator that was murdering them, and all the other problems I dealt with, while every day an entire apparatus was devoted to destroying him."
Let's see.

President Bush has had to deal with 9/11, Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, capture Sadaam and free 50 million people from two of the most despicable, dictatorial, murderous governments in history. Meanwhile the partisan media has tried their best to destroy him and his Presidency, using forged documents and false testimony to paint a picture of him as a liar and an idiot, ignoring evidence that supported his decisions and giving credence to some of the most outrageous, slanderous charges ever hurled at a US President.

Poor Bill. He had it rough. George has had it so much easier. All poor Bill did was perjure himself in Federal court.

George, on the other hand, completely ignored world opinion, took responsibility for America's safety and refused to back down to win re-election.