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Friday, November 19, 2004

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This says it all

Cori Dauber hits the nail on the head. She quotes a reporter waxing nostalgic for the "good old days" before all the bombings, etc., and she pierces right to the point.
Now, I don't know this woman's work, so I'm not talking about her specifically here.

But all these pieces of regret -- oh, it used to be we could walk where we wanted, shop, eat out, enjoy the nightlife -- describe a Baghdad that was coming back, bustling, relaxed.

When was that ever reflected in the reporting?

Wasn't that the essence of the debate over balancing the good and bad news?

Wasn't that precisely what the bloggers, milbloggers, many troops, the returning service members, local press, and, yes, Fox News, were all asking for?

Not whitewashing, but balance. And it was called "cheerleading." But now we get all these pieces from the journos telling us how much they miss the way Baghdad was.

When did their reporting ever truly, fully reflect that Baghdad?

Now you tell us.
Yes. Please tell us, old media. Tell us now.