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Thursday, November 18, 2004

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Zarqawi's headquarters found

Information coming out of Fallujah indicates that valuable intel about Zarqawi has been found. As a result, one of his top men was arrested in Baghdad with a number of associates. Zarqawi's headquarters has been found as well as a recording studio where they apparently handled the videotapes of hostages begging for their lives (as well as the beheadings.) Terrorists killed or captured have been identified as coming from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Sudan, North Africa and Yemen. Arms from Jordan and China have also been found.

The next few days and weeks should be very revealing. I think that capturing Zarqawi (and bin Laden for that matter) is more symbolic than anything, but it could be devastating to the morale of the terrorists, causing them to withdraw from Iraq to regroup elsewhere.

UPDATE: Captain Ed reports it may not have been Zarqawi's headquarters. The intelligence is valuable at any rate.