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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

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Still a scandal after all these years....

The UN Oil For Food scandal isn't going away. Now that the facts are being revealed, we find out that the UN, under Kofi Annan's "leadership" ignored the leads given to them by private investigators and is stonewalling the US Senate investigators.
Mr. Baldwin said new information related to the U.N. oil-for-food program uncovered by the company includes:
  • A network of Iranians who were involved in smuggling oil under the U.N. program.
  • Connections between the U.N. program and a French organized crime figure who U.S. officials said was a conduit for oil-for-food-related payments to French President Jacques Chirac.
  • Information on the Swiss-based company Cotecna, which was involved in border inspections of oil-for-food goods. Cotecna at one point during the oil-for-food program hired Mr. Annan's son as a consultant.
  • Data on the activities of an Egyptian oil broker who took part in illegal activities related to the oil-for-food program.
"As an experienced investigator, it became clear to me that the U.N. is failing to act on the leads and intel streams developed by us in specific areas where we were asked to develop leads and intel streams," said Mr. Baldwin, a fraud investigator and former intelligence official. "That is inexplicable."
There's far too many oxen that will be gored. So look for huge coverup attempts as this unravels even more.

Kofi Annan still has not explained how Oil For Food was funding suicide bombers in the Middle East. The French have a lot of explaining to do as well.

Why should the US continue to fund the UN, allow its headquarters to remain in New York and grant its corrupt and vile representatives immunity here in the US?

Isn't it time to dump the UN?

UPDATE: We have the coalition of the willing. They have coalition of the bribed. (Hat tip to Roger Simon.)