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Thursday, September 16, 2004

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Picking nits that matter

Words matter. They convey meaning and they carry messages. If words are your stock in trade, shouldn't you choose them wisely?

WaPo had an article on the front page of their website today that read
Baghdad Gunmen Kidnap 3
Two Americans and a Briton were snatched in a daring house raid.
Can we not use a better word than "daring" to describe criminals? Is brazen no longer a good word? What about despicable?

Surely WaPo can come up with a better word than "daring"!

In a story by the AP about the upcoming WMD report the "reporter" writes
After a year and a half in Iraq, however, the United States has found no weapons of mass destruction — its chief argument for overthrowing the regime.
Shouldn't that be "few" weapons? No is simply false. Isn't "reporting" supposed to be objective?

Do I really need to trot out the links? Search my site. Why is it that bloggers can do better research than professional writers?

John Kerry spoke to the National Guard today. Among other things, he said
For more than three centuries, as you know better than anyone, our National Guard has stood on the frontlines of freedom. The Guard fought in that first great revolution, and has defended our country ever since, here in America and around the world. Like those who came before you, you joined the Guard because for you, threats to our ideals were a call to action. You joined because for you, sitting on the sidelines in a time of peril simply wasn’t an option. And you joined because for you, patriotism isn’t just about saying you love your country – it’s about living it every single day. Please join me in sending our respect, our admiration, and the thanks of a nation to your brothers and sisters in arms who are standing up for freedom around the world.
The headline on Drudge and other places was "KERRY RIPS BUSH OVER IRAQ IN FRONT OF NATIONAL GUARD...".

Shouldn't it have been "Kerry praises same service he criticizes Bush for"?

Am I the only one in America who really doesn't care to hear the details of the Laci Peterson story? Especially not the graphic autopsy and crime scene photo details? Do we really need to discuss this nationwide?