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Thursday, September 16, 2004

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Editor and Publisher interviewed old media representatives about the impact that bloggers have on the news. I'll just give you the quotes, and you can decide for yourself what you think of them.
"It lends itself to a lot of manipulation," said James O'Shea, managing editor of the Chicago Tribune. "You can have information anarchy. You have to look at who these people are. We have to put some scrutiny on the bloggers."
"It is an increasing burden," said Dennis Ryerson, editor of The Indianapolis Star, who admits daily papers are feeling the impact of bloggers. "It hurts because now anyone can publish on the Web. You have people who are politically aligned raising questions about our standards, but there is no attention given to their standards."
Ryerson warned that newspapers need to maintain standards and not be suckered into moving too fast because of the blogs. "These are not disinterested observers," he said of the bloggers. "I've long maintained that the Internet can be a great thing, but it is also a curse.
Asked what he thought about criticism from the blogs that mainstream papers downplay certain stories, O'Shea said, "I write for our readers, not the bloggers."