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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

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Interesting confirmation

You may be familiar with the recent attacks in Iraq that have killed "innocent young men and children" according to the corrupt Associated Press. Of course, we've heard this song and dance before, and we know from the Iraqi blogs that it's false, but that doesn't stop the AP from reporting it anyway.

Unfortunately the Iraqi Police are taking the brunt of the new attacks. It's a testament to the Iraqi's desire for freedom that they can get anyone to serve with the IP, and I think it's disgusting that they've been criticized for collaborating with Sadr and others. What would you do given the choice between dying and cooperating? (Sometimes they don't even get that choice!)

Iraq the Model is doing yeoman work reporting on events in Iraq (Al Sabaah supports Ali's view of what's going on in Fallujah and Talla'far) and today he writes some things that were very interesting to me.

A couple of things about Iraq the Model's report today struck me.
It looks like there's determination to solve the crisis in tension foci in Iraq as a key step before holding the elections. It's become more than clear that the terrorists are an obstacle created by known external powers to delay the desired political process in Iraq and the public opinion here agrees with the measures taken by the government to destroy the strongholds of crime and terror. There's a pole at the popular "New Sabah" newspaper that demonstrate this clearly as about 93.65% voted as agreeing with the government policy in Iraq. (Link in Arabic)
That's an amazing concensus of opinion! It looks like the Iraqis now "get it" and realize their only hope is to kill the terrorists and the Ba'athists.

Then I read this.
Also, many of the concrete walls that were constructed to protect some facilities were dragged and used by the fighters to construct safe positions and they painted the roofs of the position with pitch and ground glass which are supposed to distract surveillance aircrafts and in addition to that, new weapons were introduced including some anti-aircraft batteries (including SAM 6 missiles) were reportedly assembled and prepared in positions.
The reference to "pitch and ground glass" caught my eye imediately because I saw a photo today in the print version of the Dallas Morning News of a building in Fallujah that had been bombed, and the roof had what looked like a black substance and something shiny embedded in it as well. Now I know exactly what that was.

It also confirms that Ali is reporting accurately what is going on over there, unlike the AP which can't seem to keep itself from telling lies constantly.