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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

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More arrests in the war on terror

Omar is reporting that Muthana Harith Al-Dari, of the Association of Muslim scholars, has been arrested with TNT residue on his hands. The Association has been involved in many of the negotiations between various parties and the terrorists, trying to obtain the release of hostages.
"This association had always sympathized with the 'courageous patriotic resistance men' and prized 'their determination in their struggle to liberate Iraq from the occupiers'.
The members of this association were the strongest supporters of the terrorists in Fallujah and they launched a 'humanitarian' campaign to deliver food supplies, medical supplies and......guns and ammunition to the besieged thugs."
It appears now that they may have been more directly involved than was realized. Omar states that this appeared in Al Sabaah, but it's not in the English version.