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Monday, August 02, 2004

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Iraqi bloggers react to the bombings

The reaction of Iraqi bloggers to the bombing of the Christian churches is the most vehement I've ever seen. They've been quite vocal about the killing of Iraqis, but this reaction is visceral. Here's some samples:

Iraq the Model
I've tried to ask as many Iraqis as I could about their feelings and all Iraqis I met showed anger, contempt and bitterness about what happened but noone gave signs of despair.
I've watched many reactions on the internet and I found that many people considered what happened an aggression against Christians (and that this is what the terrorists want) while we in Iraq see it as a crime against Iraqis and this reaction is the last thing they want.
The atrocity has backfired. If the intent of the criminals was to incite sectarian violence between Moslems and Christians; then they have achieved exactly the opposite. In my living memory I have never witnessed such upsurge of sympathy for the Christian community as what is happening right now. The people are really aroused now. The new Iraqi TV stations (including Al Sharqiya) are doing non-stop coverage of the event. Everybody has to proclaim his denunciation in no uncertain terms, even the hypocrites perhaps with some shy and stammering insinuations of the usual charges that perhaps it was the Americans or the Jews etc., sounding unconvinced themselves of these slanders; because even an absolute imbecile can easily guess who is behind this - and in fact, I don't think anybody has any serious doubt about the identity of the perpetrators.
Iraq at a glance
Another crime in Iraq, and now against the Christians, a new way of violence, the terrorists now are attacking churches.. this is an evidence that those terrorists are the enemies of all human beings and not this or that branch or religion.
Christians are so oppressed since the liberation, especially in the governorates, they had to shut the liquor stores, women are forced to wear "hijab" to cover their heads specially in the southern cities.. they live scary days because of those Islamic extremists, they might be killed if they don't obey..
I don't know why they don't arrest thieves in AlSadr city or Alfadl neighborhood or other places that are well-known of housing the criminals if they want to "clean" the society..
All they can do is to terrify the most peaceful people in Iraq, Christians.
And now they are facing the terrorists..what a life.
Al Zarqawi thugs carried out one of the most barbaric ugly acts against the worship places in Iraq. After the attacks against the Shiaa holy places in which hundreds were massacred he and his thugs directed their devilish intention yesterday against the Iraqi Christians' holy and historical places (Churches) in Baghdad and Mosel.

The aim is not to try to knock the Iraqi unity only but to kill as many as they can among the Iraqis who are not belonging to their doctrine of Wahabism and Salafism. The last two of course are two faces for one coin monetized in Saudi Arabia.
Will this be the event that unites the Iraqis against the terrorists? It may well be. It's hard to imagine any segment of their society that is now untouched by the death and destruction rained down on them by the terrorists.

Now more than ever the Iraqis need to full support of the US and their allies.