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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

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Iraq the Model confirms the Iraqi arrests

Muhammed, in his Iraq the Model blog confirms the story of the arrests of hundreds today, but then he ends the story with this:
This is the second time in this month where IP (with logistic support from the multinational forces) carry out such a large operation; the first one was in Battaween area which is another stronghold for criminals and more than 150 gangsters were arrested.

Really? Where were the news stories for the first raid? An intensive search of both Lexis/Nexis and Google revealed not one mention of any arrests in Bataween this year. But Mohmamed's reporting has been accurate in every case. Did professional journalists simply blow this story?

UPDATE: I have found one mention of the raid on Bataween.
"A few days ago, the Ministry of the Interior launched a campaign against organized crime in the Battaween neighbour head at the center of Baghdad, where police arrested 150 criminals wanted for crimes of murder, drug trafficking and kidnapping and found a lot of weapons and a quantity of drugs.

"American occupation soldiers arrested for a short time an al-Jazeera cameraman who was recording the scene and destroyed his film cassette.

This confirms the story that Muhammed told, that was not reported anywhere in the media. The media reported the aftermath of that raid, when American troops, for a brief time, argued with Iraqi police over reports of brutality. That story was told repeatedly.