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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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Last night I called John McCain....

....hypocrite of the decade. Tonight I'm calling him the worst kind of hypocritical scum. You'll have to read this entire post from Captain Ed to understand how he's done it, but McCain has built a backdoor system, using a non-profit organization, to bypass his own Campaign Finance Reform bill and keep his campaign staff employed, with six-figure incomes, during the "off season".
John McCain, who has long campaigned on a promise to rid politics of big money, not only has built himself a lucrative third-party solution for fundraising but also a shelter to keep two of his top campaign operatives employed between elections. These top strategists also have an odd taste for funding sources, considering McCain's public positions on key issues for his base. That money pays their salaries and indicates a certain amount of influence among McCain's political staff. It demonstrates better than anything else could the corrosive nature of hidden money and back-channel dealings, which the BCRA not only doesn't resolve but almost requires for campaign fundraising.
Even more disgusting, the money that pays John McCain's staff comes from people like George Soros, David Geffen, Teresa Heinz Kerry and People For the American Way!

John McCain is the worst kind of liar. He actively promotes campaign finance reform while slyly bypassing the very reforms he is promoting using a non-profit institute brazenly named "The Reform Institute". This "do as I say, not as I do" behavior is worthy of the strongest opprobrium possible. He should be drummed out of the Senate for ethics violations and never be allowed to "serve" the public again.