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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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Pro-Syrian demonstrations in Lebanon....

....are unconvincing to Omar who thinks they're trumped-up, manufactured and altogether calculated.
The reason why I adopt this opinion is very simple; the opposition rallies were calling for liberty to their country and rejecting the Syrian interference which has infiltrated all important life sectors in Lebanon in the last 15 years.
While Hizbollah's rallies are allegedly opposing the "western foreign interference" which in fact doesn't exist!
Moreover, these rallies are actually encouraging the Syrian interference (that's foreign interference, right?) in the interior affairs of Lebanon and condemning the decision of international community represented by resolution 1559.

I see no patriotism at all in holding pictures of another country's president (err…I mean tyrant) and chanting "Long live Asad…Long live Syria" when that very administration you're cheering and chanting for has been keeping your country a hostage for over a decade.

Another point is that bringing too many people by buses doesn't mean that you're right. Actually it reminds me of demonstrations in Iraq under the Ba'athist regime (Oops, I forgot that the Ba'athists still rule in Syria!)

At least one opposition leader said the pro-Syrian government pressured people to turn out Tuesday and some reports said Syria bused in people from across the border. The MSNBC reports.
Color Omar unimpressed.

The media is impressed, however. They see the today's rally as strong support for Syria, even though that support is somewhat questionable.
But that was not the sentiment among the protesters in Riad Solh square, where two huge banners read, in English: "Thank you Syria" and "No to foreign interference." The latter was a reference to U.S. and U.N. pressure on Syria — but not to the Syrian military, which the protesters made clear they were happy to have stay.
So...they're opposed to foreign interference — except when it's Syrian foreign influence?

Omar sees a different picture.
I see no courage at all in today's demonstrations unlike the previous demonstrations that defied tyranny and challenged the dangers for the sake of liberty.
Comparing these pictures says it all! (the 1st one from Hizbollah's demonstartions while the other two are from the previous real demonstrations)
If you look at the pictures Omar has posted, the pro-Syrian demonstrators seem singularly uninspired, while you can see great enthusiam in the faces of the anti-Syrian demonstrators.