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Sunday, February 13, 2005

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So now bloggers are....

...."salivating morons" according to Steve Lovelady, a former editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Wall Street Journal and now managing editor of CJR Daily, the Web site of The Columbia Journalism Review. Yes, folks, these are the kind of people that are in positions of power in this country.
"The salivating morons who make up the lynch mob prevail," he lamented online after Mr. Jordan's resignation. He said that Mr. Jordan cared deeply about the reporters he had sent into battle and was "haunted by the fact that not all of them came back."
Here's a clue for Mr. Lovelady.

I care deeply about bloggers, and I am haunted by your despicable comments. So, I'm going to call you a raging, treasonous monster who has sold out his country. No matter if it's untrue. The point is that I care. Isn't that about right, Mr. Lovelady?

Mr. Jordan claimed that the US military deliberately targeted journalists as a matter of policy. Should he not be held to account for his lie? It's obvious from your response that the truth matters none — it's the chummy associations of like-minded peers that matter.

Here's a clue for all journalists.

The blogosphere isn't going to go away. It isn't going to wilt under criticism. It will continue to expose falsehoods, no matter how sacred the cow. Excoriating bloggers will simply attract more attention.

Having witnessed the mob mentality of the press and their absolute lack of respect for privacy (So — how do you feel about your husband's death at the hands of the police today? Does it make you angry?), I have often desired to see them investigated with as much vigor and self-righteous indignation as they reserve for their enemies.

I simply didn't realize I would live to see that day.