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Saturday, February 12, 2005

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Iraqi election results....

....will be announced tomorrow. This should put an end to the speculation that's been going on and give the Iraqi people certainty about the future of their new government.
Iraqi officials will announce the final results of the Jan. 30 national elections on Sunday, a spokesman for the election commission said.

Farid Ayar said on Al-Arabiya television Saturday that the commission would meet Sunday morning to finalize some unspecified issues and then announce the final figures in the afternoon. The results will be considered official after three days.

"We will give three days to verify the results, hear any disputes, and then they will be officially declared final," Ayar said. "All the numbers will be announced tomorrow."
Considering that they had no experience at all to draw upon, I think the Iraqi Elections Commission can be justifiably proud of their achievement. In a country racked by violence, where previous elections have been laughable, under the threat of death, the IEC got the job done and did it at least as well as the elections here in America.

All Iraqis should be proud.