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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

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Two can play that game

The Media Research Center noticed that NBC reporter Jim Miklaszewski compared spending in Iraq with the EPA's budget in a recent report.
Relaying how the "administration is going to ask Congress tomorrow for about $80 billion more in emergency funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq," Miklaszewski explained "that brings the total to $105 billion" for the fiscal year. "By comparison," he emphasized, "that's 13 times the budget for the entire Environmental Protection Agency."
So, in the interest of fairness, the MRC points out
The Iraq/Afghanistan spending is also one-fifth of the $510 billion set to be spent this year on Social Security and NASA spends twice as much as the EPA.

True conservatives would argue that the $7.8 billion allocated annually for the EPA is about $7.8 billion too much.
True conservatives would point out that we don't need the Education Department either. That would save another $57.3 billion.

What every happened to that idea anyway?