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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

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Possible terror connections?

Michelle Malkin has an exclusive on a plane forced to land by the feds.
Last night, feds forced down a plane of suspected illegal aliens south of San Antonio who they say were illegally flying in American airspace. The suspected were reportedly Chinese. This detail caught my eye:

Online records of the Federal Aviation Administration show that the 20-year-old plane is co-owned by Afzal Hameed of Dover, Del. The other co-owner is listed as Alyce S. Taylor, but no address is given for her.

The FAA records state that the plane's last three-year registration was filed in 1999, and that the agency received no response in 2002 after mailing new registration forms to Hameed.

Hmmm. The obvious question is whether there is a Boston connection here; newspaper reports about the mystery plane have all mentioned last week's terror scare. Another issue below the surface is what the FAA has done to scrutinize plane registrations since Sept. 11. How many smugglers or terrorists may be operating right under the feds' nose?
Michelle has a bunch of follow-up information here, including this.
The co-owner of the plane, Afzal Hameed, is president of Alpha Tango Flying Services in San Antonio, which trains pilots and mechanics.

Guess who trained at Alpha Tango Flying Services--which, by the way, caters to Saudi Arabian flight students(!!!!):

Among their clients were three Arab flight students investigated by the FBI, including Al Qaeda operative Abdul Hakim Murad , who was arrested in Manila in 1995 and later convicted in New York of plotting to blow up a dozen U.S. airliners over the Pacific, then crash a suicide plane into CIA headquarters.
It may be nothing. Then again....

UPDATE: The Dallas Morning News picked up the story just after noon today.