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Monday, January 10, 2005

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This is interesting

A Sunni group has moderated its stance on elections, now saying they will participate if the US gives them a timetable for withdrawal. I suspect the light is coming on. They know their only hope is to participate in the elections, so they have to back off from their previous hard line.

There's an interesting comment in there too.
The Sunni officials said the meeting with the American diplomat was fruitful "because the Americans now know who has a sway on the Iraqi streets. They now know where to go to and who to talk to."
Bit of an overinflated sense of self there. Even if they could control 100% of the Sunnis (and we know they can't because Mohammed and Ali are running for office), they still wouldn't control a majority. Sunnis make up about 32 - 37% of the population. So they're not going to control anything after the elections. They can participate. They can have an influential voice. But they are kidding themselves if they think they hold "sway on the Iraqi street".

Although this could be a tacit admission that they are assisting the terrorists.....