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Sunday, January 23, 2005

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South American narco-terrorism

Discerning Texan catches an interesting story about what's going on in South America. It seems Columbian President Alvaro Uribe is upsetting Venezualan President Hugo Chavez's carefully constructed apple cart. Among other things, Uribe has paid bounty hunters to go into Venezuala and capture wanted narco-terrorists and return them to justice in Columbia.

Then there's this.
Uribe's got satellite pictures showing guerrilla camps in Venezuela [emphasis mine], and a huge trove of further damning evidence. Uribe's a smart politician so he's releasing it publicly. He's not doing that for Chavez, but doing that for us, and the entire world. He's laying down the case that Hugo Chavez is neck-deep in narcotrafficante terrorism and a menace to our entire hemisphere. Uribe's shattering the image Chavez likes to show of himself as a champion of the poor an downtrodden. Like Arafat, who also liked to play that image, it's just Chavez's mask for his support of killers.
Gee...I wonder where Uribe is getting those sat photos from......