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Friday, January 07, 2005

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If you think you know....

....about Abu Ghraib, then you need to read this from Mudville Gazette. The truth is so completely different from the old media fiction that the two cannot be reconciled. IOW, what I'm saying is the media LIED about Abu Ghraib. Greyhawk is much more politic than I, so I'm saying it flat out - they LIED about Abu Ghraib. Get it?

Here's just a small sample. Read the whole thing.
4. D. Although several early stories tried to paint them as untrained individuals thrust into a job they weren't prepared to do, Ivan Frederick (38 at the time) and Charles Graner (36 at the time) were prison guards.

Key quotes:

Frederick (original 60 Minutes story linked above): Frederick told us he will plead not guilty, claiming the way the Army was running the prison led to the abuse of prisoners.

"We had no support, no training whatsoever. And I kept asking my chain of command for certain things...like rules and regulations," says Frederick. "And it just wasn't happening."

...He's a corrections officer at a Virginia prison, whose warden described Frederick to us as "one of the best."

Graner (link above): But public records indicate that Graner had troubles at work as a correctional officer in the state prison system in Greene County -- a history of disciplinary actions that culminated in his firing in 2000. He was later reinstated by an arbitrator.

A reporter who served with Graner previously: He said he was shocked to hear that Graner has been accused of mistreating prisoners, in part because of the training they and other guards received years ago. "It was drilled into our minds well before we left the continental U.S. what we were allowed to do, and not allowed to do, relative to the treatment of prisoners."

More Hersh: "Let me just say this. I believe the services have a -- look, the kids did bad things. But the notion that it's all just these kids [doing these things]... The officers are "in loco parentis" with these children. We send our children to war. And we have officers like that general, whose job is to be mother and father to these kids, to keep them out of trouble. The idea of watching these pictures, it's not only a failure of the kids, it's a failure of everybody in the command structure."
The notion of Seymour Hersh describing 36-year-old and 38-year-old highly trained professional prison guards as "kids" is so abhorrent to the truth as to be inimical.

Remember, these are the people who claim to give you "the news". They purport to tell you what happened. yet what they "report" is NOT what happened. It not only is not what happened, it's a phantasm created from whole cloth, an ethereal surrogate spawned from the mind of a writer whose interest isn't the facts of the story but the point he wants to promulgate. The story is mere fodder for his cannon.

And the old media regurgitates the "story" ad nauseam ad infinitum until it "is" the truth because the truth has never been told. And politicians build careers on these lies never bothering to ask a question. And the American public flaccidly digests the billious stew unaware that it could make them and their country terminally ill.

I'm telling you, dear reader, if this stuff doesn't make you bitterly angry you have no soul. If you don't want to rip the media's heart out after reading this, you're exanimate. You're merely shuffling through this mortal coil awaiting embalming. (Can you tell I'm angry?)

READ IT. And then tell your friends. READ IT. And then write your Congressman. READ IT. And then ask yourself why you bother to turn on the television to get "the news". READ IT. And then ask yourself why you subscribe to the "news"paper. READ IT. And then ask yourself how much longer will America sit idly by and do nothing why these feculent creatures spew their bile.