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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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CBS redux

Just when you think CBS might actually come clean about the forged documents controversy, along comes more outright lies. CBS wanted to do a show on the damage caused by the tsunami to coral reefs, so they contracted with a company from that area. They insisted their coverage would be "fair and balanced".

Here's what CBS considers "fair and balanced". (Emphasis mine.)
Our Cruise Director Hans Tibboel described one specific divesite in Surin Island with the words: "it looked like a giant sandblaster was used". Again, Hans was describing only one divesite and made positive remarks about the actual lack of damage at other places. Of course, the CBS editor used the "sandblast" soundbite and hardly anything else.

Footage was also arranged in a "before & after" method that is not consistent with the real situation. All the beautiful "before" footage shown by CBS was actually filmed AFTER the tsunami.
Any hope you had of an honest accounting of Rathgate just went out the window. Like a pathological liar, CBS just can't seem to stop lying.