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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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Are you tired....

....of reading about vehicle bombings and assassinations? Do you feel like nothing good is happening in Iraq? If you are, read this report of coalition activity and ask yourself why you never hear about any of this in the press?

This is just one sample. There's much more than this at the Mudville Gazette.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Thursday, Dec 30, Multi-National Force - Iraq forces discovered and cleared 11 improvised explosive devices, discovered and cleared six weapons caches, conducted six cordons and searches of suspected anti-Iraqi Forces facilities, conducted two raids on suspected anti-Iraqi Forces facilities and detained 49 suspected AIF

In areas north of Baghdad, Multi-national forces conducted a cordon and search resulting in the capture of five suspected anti-Iraqi forces and a small weapons cache.

Multi-national forces operating west of Baghdad discovered three weapons caches in the town of Karabilah. Acting on information received from various sources, homes where alleged insurgent activity was taking place were searched. There were more than 150 mortar rounds among the weapons recovered in the cache.

In Baghdad, Multi-national and Iraqi forces continued joint patrolling operations where they detained 13 anti-Iraqi Forces personnel and confiscated several fire arms during five cordon and search operations.

In Al Mashru, south of Baghdad, Multi-national forces conducted a cordon and search operation which led to the discovery of a weapons cache containing nearly 40 AK-47 rifles and nearly 500 AK-47 rounds. Four individuals suspected of participating in insurgent operations were detained in the operation.

In partnership with the Iraqi government, the Multi-National Force – Iraq conducts full spectrum counter-insurgency operations to isolate and neutralize former regime extremists and foreign terrorists. The Force also organizes, trains and equips Iraqi security forces to create a security environment that allows all Iraqi people to live in peace.
This is just one day in one AOR (area of responsibility).

Think about that the next time you read the constant reports of bombings, deaths and maimings in Iraq. And ask yourself why the media has never reported this stuff.