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Thursday, December 30, 2004

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Hot air versus hot pursuit

The Washington Post criticized President Bush for not being more "inline with other foreign leaders" because he didn't jump to a microphone to pontificate on the tsunami disaster and he didn't rush back to Washington to make it look like he was doing something. In their sick world, words and "proper behavior" are so much more important than actually doing something useful. Is it any wonder that hundreds of thousands of black Africans die while the leaders of the world wring their hands and speak all the right words?

Bush, in his typical style of candor and honesty responded, "Actions speak louder than words." His actions include the dispatching of two carrier battle groups to the striken area, the pledging of $35,000,000 in immediate aid and a promise to stay in for the long haul to restore the area from this devastating disaster.

If journalists actually understood what Bush said, they might have a clue as to why they are held in such high disregard and their work is routinely ignored by people in the know.