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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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Faint not, nor let your heart be weary

With today's news of more murders in Iraq you might be depressed about the future. Don't be.

Mohammed posts God bless all the lists (the permalink isn't working, so scroll down if you read this after 12/29/2004), a survey of the preparations for elections and the attitudes of Iraqis toward elections. After reading what Mohammed has to say, you'll feel a whole lot better about the future of Iraq and the potential for success in the elections.
The situation here indicates that a great percentage of Iraqis are WITH the elections and are looking forward to participate in the process and truly I don't know why the media insists on showing the voices that oppose the elections that represent parties swimming against the majority's current and chose violence and terror as a way to deal with the people and this is a striking evidence for their failure because if they were representing the general will of the people we would've seen peaceful activities in which the sons of Iraq take part, the thing that didn't happen because Iraqis are certain that the elections fall into the interest of the whole population (except of course for the terrorists and the remnants of the dead regime).
Iraqis' response to terror was so clear; after the terrorists, or the so called insurgents threatened to slaughter anyone who participates in the elections, 7200 Iraqis rushed to announce their candidacy. YES, 7200 Iraqis representing more than 200 different political parties and I believe this makes the image clearer for the viewer.

And to remove the fog and debunk the claims about the Sunni population being against the democratic process, I want to point out that tens of the political parties come from the Sunni population. Moreover you almost can't find a single list that lacks Sunni candidates in it, even lists from She'at, Kurdis, Christian or liberal parties.

Iraq is bigger than the small tension spots that you hear about from the news. If you take a look at the map you'll find that 13 provinces are enjoying peace and almost a normal life while people in the remaining 5 provinces are also practicing a normal life in wide regions of these provinces. The troubles and the poor security situation are localized to certain regions in the cities and some suburbs around the cities.
That's why we must not impose one fact over the whole larger story.
Even FoxNews has found good news in Iraq, despite all the violence.

Perspective makes all the difference in the world. Without context (IOW following the old media) things look really bad. With context there is great hope for Iraq's future.