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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

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Southeast Asia catastrophe

According to geologists, the earthquake that caused the huge tsunamis that have killed a now estimated 60,000!! people caused the earth to wobble on its axis, moved entire islands as much as 120 feet, and may have shortened the earth's day by three microseconds! Officials estimate that the death toll could double!! because of disease.

This has to be the most devastating natural disaster in human history.

Meanwhile, a stupid UN official from Norway calls the US "stingy" for "only" having pledged $15,000,000 (so far) for the relief effort and claims that US taxpayers would be happy to pay higher taxes to help in the relief efforts. I'm sure US taxpayers would just love to fund everybody else's underfunded problems. We're already playing policeman for the world because nobody else bothers to spend the money for armed forces (except for the British and Australians.)

I have a suggestion for this bozo. How about if we take our UN "dues" and use them for humanitarian aid? It's an absolute certainty that the money would be put to better use and more humans would benefit. In fact, let's just kick the UN out of the US entirely and send them to France, the land of equivocation and hand-wringing perturbation, where there is no France in team.