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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

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Fact or fiction?

If you want to understand what's wrong with liberals, read this piece in the Opinion Journal. The disjoint between reality and this writer's view is stark.
In his new book, "What's the Matter With Kansas?," Mr. Frank argues that all those Jayhawk State rubes have got things backward: They've continued to vote Republican as the state goes through economic hardship, even though, by doing so, they're voting against their own economic interests. The book is a big hit with left-leaning commentators and has sold very well, making the author something of a celebrity on the talk-show circuit.

In purple prose, Mr. Frank paints a grim picture of the state and its towns. Kansas is "pretty much in a free fall," he informs us, and as a result of its economic devastation, it's "a civilization in the early stages of irreversible decay." The cause of all this decline, he says, is modern capitalism, especially as practiced by all those businessmen-Republicans. Kansas is "burning on a free-market pyre," he writes. Things are especially bad in his old hometown of Shawnee, where, during his visits, he no longer sees anyone in the streets. Instead, "heaps of rusting junk and snarling rottweilers" blight the landscape.
The reality?

Kansas' unemployment rate has been below the national average for over 15 years. Kansas' job growth rate has exceeded the national rate for over 15 years. Shawnee? They've enjoyed a population growth of over 27% during the same period, The poverty rate in Shawnee is 1/4th the national average, and the unemployment rate dipped below 3% for over three years.

Imagine if these people were in power and could make policies to address these "problems".

(Hat tip to Instapundit.)