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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

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Disturbing news.....

....if it's true. I've investigated before the claims that Bush has denied or decreased benefits to veterans and found them to be spurious. (Bush has increased VA funding over 45% since he took office.) This too is a serious charge, if true, but I find it difficult to believe that the President would be resisting giving additional benefits to reservists. The President is a reservist himself and has demonstrated his affection for the service on a number of occasions.

Not wanting to plow through the bill itself, I used AltaVista (my search engine of choice) to find this explanation which seems to fit with Jason's description of the bill.

The bill only passed the House in mid-November. I'm not familiar with the timing of these things (e.g. do they print the bill before sending it to the President?), but I think two weeks is a bit mature to be claiming the President is "holding up" the bill. He may not even have the bill yet, or he may be waiting for a special occasion to sign it.

Of one thing I'm certain. When Jason writes, "The President, who has resisted past attempts to improve health care coverage for reservists, has yet to sign it." he has fallen for the rhetoric of the left and the VA lobbyists. Even a 45% increase in budget hasn't been enough to satisfy them.