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Thursday, September 30, 2004

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Clarity on responsibility

If you want clarity on who is responsible for the attacks in Iraq, read this post at Belmont Club. This quote is particularly striking.
A New York Times article quoting a private security group's data shows that 41% of all terror attacks in Iraq take place in 0.17% of the country -- a thousand attacks concentrated in 734 square kilometers of Baghdad -- attacks which have almost no military value -- only a propaganda one. It is imperative from the terrorist point of view that their depredations take place, not in the unwitnessed wastes of the Western desert, but before a global audience. The Associated Press may have been right about the candy and wrong about the candyman.
Makes it pretty clear, doesn't it? Even terrorists know that they need the help of a willing, liberal old media, to get the job done.

Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt for this one.