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Monday, July 26, 2004

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My right to speak is not yours?

Democrats, liberals and anti-war types have been howling constantly about freedom of speech and "McCarthyism" whenever people opposed to them speak their minds. The most recent example is the Linda Ronstadt flap, but the list is long. From Michael Moore to Tim Robbins, the left has complained bitterly when their speech is opposed by those who disagree with them.

So we come to the Democratic Convention, a site where the greatness of American politics is on display, and what do we find? Teresa Heinz Kerry tells a reporter to "Shove it" because she doesn't like the question. Ann Coulter has her column spiked by USA Today because they didn't like what she wrote. The DNC works hard to keep controversial speakers out of the limelight. Protestors are confined to a box with with barbed wire and netting, and anti-abortion protestors get the finger from a passing motorist.

And this is the party of free speech.....