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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

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Eye witness refutation of the media

I've mentioned Fallujah before, but here is even more proof that the media lied about what went on in Fallujah. link. According to a reporter who was there, the media got the story completely wrong.

He states, "What really happened in Fallujah was a great deal different from what was portrayed in the news media". No kidding!

Oddly, he blames the Bush administration for not publicizing the truth. That seems a bit naive to me. Bush couldn't even get the media to cover his policy speech the other day, which is the first time, in my memory, that a sitting President has been completely ignored by the major television media when giving a foreign policy speech. I wonder what the writer thinks Bush could do to get the media's attention on Fallujah? It's a certainty that, if they would televise it, they would label it "cheerleading" and say it doesn't reflect the "reality" of the situation.

It's amazing that anyone bothers to watch tv news any more.